Texas Best Fishing

Texas is a hotbed for fishing activity and boasts a large variety of species to fish in both its freshwater lakes and streams, and of course the seawater species contained in the Gulf of Mexico which offers the angler deep sea fishing fun all year round.

When it comes to freshwater fishing, Texas is definitely bass country.  You can go bass fishing and catch: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and Guadalupe bass.  These are all the from the black bass family.  Then you have your temperate bass which include white bass, yellow bass, and striped bass.  The next family of fish species in Texas are catfish and bullheads.  Fish for blue channel and flathead catfish, or go for black bullhead and yellow bullhead.  Another super popular fish is the crappie, you got your black crappie and your white crappie.  Texas is also home to many sunfishes, carp, gar, and suckers.